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Hypnobirthing Courses

Want to feel confident and even excited about birth? Want to have the knowledge and tools to remain calm and in control during labour? Want to feel fully informed, prepared and supported by you partner birth? Our Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation courses will help you prepare for a positive birth and postnatal experience, whatever that looks like for you and however your baby makes an appearance! 

Hypnobirthing & Antenatal
Birth Preparation Courses


4 evening sessions  |  £260

A complete birth preparation course combining hypnobirthing and antenatal education in a sociable environment (and absolutely no awkward ice-breakers we promise!). Make local friends due around the same time. Find out more.

In person in Winchester

Group course


3 Hours  |  £185

A completely bespoke course for couples or mums who have done a hypnobirthing course before and are looking to refresh their memories on the principles and techniques of hypnobirthing before their next birth. Find out more

In person or online over Zoom

Private course


2x 2.5 hours sessions | £249 


A private course covering the essential knowledge and techniques for a positive, informed and calm birth, from the comfort of your own home or mine. Find out more.

In person or online over Zoom 

Private course 


From £55 per hour

Looking for something more specific to your pregnancy and circumstances? Bespoke sessions are completely tailored to your needs and will help you prepare for a positive birth experience, whatever that looks like for you! Find out more

In person or online over Zoom

Private course


 4x 2 hours sessions | £385


Full hypnobirthing and antenatal education course, held at your own home or mine. Private course. 

Find out more.

In person or online over Zoom, Private course

"In the words of the midwife“you breathed that baby out”. Labour made me felt like a complete superwoman. I managed to stay calm, empowered and breathing (and squeezing the life out of my husband’s hands) got me through every contraction. It really was just the most incredible experience." I've been lucky enough to prepare many people for a positive birth experience. Check out what others think of the course... 



Relaxation & Confidence for Birth Workshop

2 hours  |   £39

Are you in need of relaxation and connection with your baby? Do you feel like you could do with some birth prep too? This workshop is the perfect combination of deep relaxation and birth preparation. Take time out from the business of life to relax, connect with your baby and other local mums-to-be and prepare for your birth. Suitable for any stage of pregnancy. Find out more

In person in Winchester

Group session 


Postnatal Prep Workshop


90 minutes | £75

What to expect and what can you do in pregnancy to prepare emotionally, physically and practically for a positive postnatal experience? A private session completely tailored to your needs - includes a bespoke Postnatal Wellbeing Plan. Find out more.​

In person or online over Zoom

Private session



—  Name, Title

"We completed the group course this weekend and were both so impressed with the amount of information provided. The course included Scientific information about the birth process, hormones and the different nervous systems. This was all related back to the Hypnobirthing approach. It was very useful having the course notes and Hypnobirthing book to take with us so that we can practise the different strategies in preparation for the birth of our baby. Thank you Valentine for reminding me that birth is a natural process and making me realise that it really can be a positive experience." - Expectant parents

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