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Hypnobirthing Crib Sheet for Dads and Birth partners

Birth partners - you are busy and probably sceptical about the latest pregnancy/baby related expense you are being presented with. Here is a crib sheet to help you decide whether hypnobirthing is for you!

What on earth is Hypnobirthing? 

  • Hypnobirthing is information and relaxation techniques that will help prepare you both for birth and guide you both on the day

  • It is evidence-based, logical and practical.

  • Hypnobirthing is NOT stage hypnosis: no clucking like chickens involved and not a pendulum in sight! You will use your own abilities to induce a state of deep relaxation or self-hypnosis.

  • It equips women and their birth partners with the knowledge and tools to make the best decisions for their birth, whilst feeling confident, calm and in control in the process.

  • Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation programme for all births so Caesarean births and inductions are covered. 


Why should you fork out a small fortune to do the Hypnobirthing course? 

  • The information and techniques that you will learn in this course will help you feel prepared, relaxed and in control so you know what to do to play an active role in the birth and keep your partner calm.

  • A less stressful birth = a less stressful mum so less stress all round for you to deal with!

  • As a result your baby is more likely to have a calmer and gentler entry into the world.

  • It gives you something to do together in the days before birth when you have run out of things to fix.

  • It is a way to show that you care about your partner and that you will also be there on the day. Mums-to-be are very keen to be reassured on this point! 


Will I learn anything useful or will I just be my wife/partner’s sidekick?

You will definitely not just be your partner's sidekick. You will learn: 

  • How integral you are to the birthing process - so many of my clients say: ‘I couldn’t have done it without him/her’ 

  • How to best support and advocate for your wife/partner so she can get on with birthing your baby and stay in her zone.

  • Helpful questions to ask the midwives and obstetricians when faced with a decision during your birth experience.

  • Relaxation and massage techniques to make your wife/partner more comfortable in pregnancy and labour.

  • Practical tips for creating the best environment for your birth, whatever type of birth.

  • What your wife/partner expects of you in labour.

  • What is going on with your wife/partner at the different stages of labour so you know when to pack the car or ring for a taxi! 


If you want more detailed information have a look at my Website or drop me an email. I’m very happy to chat anything through with you on the phone too. 

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