"We completed the group course this weekend and were both so impressed with the amount of information provided. The course included Scientific information about the birth process, hormones and the different nervous systems. This was all related back to the Hypnobirthing approach. It was very useful having the course notes and Hypnobirthing book to take with us so that we can practise the different strategies in preparation for the birth of our baby. Thank you Valentine for reminding me that birth is a natural process and making me realise that it really can be a positive experience." - Expectant parents

"Cannot recommend Valentine enough. She was incredibly friendly and made both my husband and I feel very relaxed. Having done a hypnobirthing course with my first child, and thinking I was prepared for my second Valentine has made me reflect in a really positive way. As a result it has made me really think about my birth preferences for my upcoming second labour and not afraid to ask for what I feel is important to us as a family. I also loved the physiological element of the training and it has made visualisations alot easier. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel informed, stay relaxed and eradicate any birthing fears." - Second time mum 

"Thank you again for the past 4 weeks. It was so lovely meeting you and being guided through all the information and techniques. Even over zoom - everything felt really clear and understandable at all times. We both feel it has been hugely beneficial, and like I said last night - I genuinely feel quite excited about the birth now!!" Mum-to-be

"I could not recommend Val highly enough. I took the hypnobirthing classes to prepare myself for the birth of my second baby. I ended up being induced at 41w+3d (water broken + synthetic oxytocin). Baby was born without any other intervention (vaccum or forceps) and without any other pain relieve, thanks to the breathing techniques that I learned from Val. The best 3 things from my experience with Val are: (1) the birth plan and notes to the midwives; (2) the breathing techniques and visualisations for all stages of labour; (3) the involvement of my partner. Thanks again Val, I wouldn’t have had the same experience without you!" Second time mum

"I came in slightly sceptical and as a medical professional I realise I have a skewed view on childbirth. I have left absolutely converted!" - Mum-to-be

“It did work really, really well indeed!”- Birth partner

“The thing about KGHypnobirthing is that it works.” - Birth partner 

“I feel really positive and even more excited to give birth to our baby - feeling more confident too” - Mum-to-be

 “I was so impressed by my husband this weekend as he had arrived at the course as a sceptic only to discover that the hypnobirthing message really resonated with his approach to life. I really appreciate how much the course empowers the father as well as the mother and provides him with much more direction as to what he can do to make this experience one that we can both influence for the positive.” - Mum  

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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