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Postnatal Prep Workshop

For women in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy 

90 minutes | £75


What is covered in the Postnatal Prep Workshop?

  • Bespoke session to prepare for a positive postnatal experience, emotionally and practically, usually delivered in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

  • What to expect and what you can put in place in pregnancy to make the transition to parenthood as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

  • Exploring specific concerns and setting realistic expectations for your 4th trimester.

  • A range of topics to choose from, centred around YOU including:

    • Self care and finding balance. Easy ways to feel like you again and refill your cup so you have more energy and resilience to care for your tiny human.

    • Emotional recovery and wellbeing. Normalising the common feelings that might come up and simple techniques for navigating harder moments and dealing with more intense emotions like overwhelm and anxiety.

    • Physical recovery. A focus on physical healing and learning to appreciate our wonderful postpartum bodies. 

    • Relationships and Intimacy. Tips for staying connected and restoring intimacy with your partner in the postpartum period. Exploring common relationship challenges and simple solutions for addressing these. 

    • Mindful feeding and Rest. Simple approaches for a bonding feeding experience (however you plan to feed your baby) and for surviving the middle of the night feeds. How to get as much rest as possible and actually rest when the baby sleeps.

    • Any other topic which would support you postnatally! 

  • Simple techniques to help you manage tougher days, to practice in pregnancy

  • A personalised Postnatal Wellbeing Plan sent to you afterwards to revisit when your baby is here 


Available online via Zoom or in person (Winchester area)

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