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Relaxation & Confidence for Birth Workshop

Are you pregnant and in need of relaxation and connection with your baby? Do you feel like you could do with some birth prep too?  

This workshop is the perfect combination of deep relaxation and birth preparation. Take time out from the business of life to relax, connect with your baby and prepare for your birth. Suitable for any stage of pregnancy. 

Next workshop: Thursday 25th May, 12.00-2.00PM, St Cross Winchester   

The Relaxation & Confidence for Birth Workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Take time out for you to relax 

  • Connect with your pregnancy and growing baby 

  • Learn relaxation tools and breathing techniques to support you during your pregnancy and birth 

  • Connect with other local expectant mums 

  • Build confidence that you can do it (and you will!) 

  • Learn key antenatal information to feel prepared and informed for birth

  • Feel calmer and more supported throughout your pregnancy 

  • Feel prepared, confident and relaxed for your birth! ​


What does the Relaxation & Confidence for Birth Workshop include?

  • A lovely long guided relaxation where you get comfortable and cosy with blankets and pillows, and give yourself permission to switch off.

  • Key Antenatal information and plenty of practical tips to empower you to have a positive birth experience. Each workshop will cover different discussion topics. 

  • Relaxation and Breathing techniques to stay calm in pregnancy & birth 

  • Two relaxation tracks to listen to after the workshop 

  • The Positive Birthing & Parenting Course workbook, full of handy checklists & practical tips for labour 

  • A great choice of teas and delicious snacks 


You will leave feeling relaxed and connected with your baby, and armed with invaluable knowledge to help you feel confident for birth.


Workshops are suitable for any stage of pregnancy and can be attended as a one-off or regularly as different discussion topics and relaxations will be covered each time. 


Cost & venue

The workshop costs £39 and is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees. It is held in my cosy home in St Cross, Winchester. 

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