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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Tips to keep your sanity past due date…

Due date been and gone without any sign of anything happening? Feeling like this baby is never going to come? Physically exhausted of being pregnant? Bored of friends and family asking every minute of the day IS THE BABY HERE YET?

All my babies liked to stay in for a bit longer (41+3 weeks, 41 weeks and 41+3 weeks) and I found the pressure and stress I felt from well-meaning friends and family really hard to handle. In the end, I turned my phone off and pretty much hibernated for the last 10 days of pregnancy except for going to pregnancy yoga which kept me calm and positive. That did result in a very panicked granny then ringing my poor parents non stop but it had to be done… So with my third baby, I told everybody that my due date was 10 days later!

Here are some tips I have collected from wise yoga teachers, fellow Hypnobirthing practitioners and mums of snug babies to help you keep sane and distracted in the days past your due date…

  • Plan something for every day - no one will mind you cancelling for going into labour.

  • Know that your baby could be here any day!

  • Read positive birth affirmation cards: "My body and my baby know what to do" and "My baby will come at the perfect time" resonate with many mums-to-be playing the waiting game.

  • Remind yourself that the normal length of pregnancy is 37-42 weeks. Babies are not robots and will come at different times when they are ready for the world, and the average length of pregnancy is about 40 weeks +5 days.

  • You are not ‘overdue’ until you reach 42 weeks (even though many people will make you feel like you are!).

  • Refer friends and family asking incessantly to this website: 😂

  • Remember that you do not have to book an induction at your week 40 appointment. It will be offered as it is the hospital’s protocol but you can always decline and ask to wait another week or more, or for extra monitoring instead. If you need or want an induction at any point it will not be refused!

  • Try to enjoy this special time if you can - these are bonus days for yourself and for you and your partner, before the wonderful baby chaos starts. Focus on getting yourself in the best physical and mental state for labour.

  • Attend a pregnancy yoga class - it’s quite something to experience this female collective of other mums-to-be rooting for you in your last days of pregnancy!

  • Have a duvet day – a whole day for you, with Netflix. Snacks and PJs compulsory.

  • Listen to your hypnobirthing relaxation tracks and music if you have been practicing those.

  • Listen to a meditation or relaxation

  • Have a lovely bubble bath with all your favourite products and a great book. I am a big fan of Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk

  • Go for a massage/acupuncture/reflexology to get the oxytocin flowing. Even better get them to come to your home!

  • Get your nails done.

  • Get your hair done.

  • Go for a Bikini wax (this one did not feature on my list!)

  • Go to the cinema. I personally haven’t been since I was pregnant with my daughter many years ago...

  • Batch cook meals for the freezer and order a big shop for the first few weeks.

  • Bake treats for your hospital bag, or just to have now.

  • Go out for dinner with your other half.

  • Go for a nice walk.

  • Meet friends for lunch.

  • SLEEP and rest whilst you still can ☺

  • Book in a Postnatal Prep session, to help you prepare emotionally, physically and practically for a positive postnatal experience

  • Build IKEA furniture (a personal favourite)

  • Make that photo album you have wanted to for ages – wedding, holidays, honeymoon etc. It will keep your mind occupied and get the oxytocin flowing, the love hormone which fuels labour.

Did you go past your due date? Comment below to add your tips to help other mums-to-be ❤️

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