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How to make your home into a relaxing environment for you and your new baby

Have you thought about what it’ll be like to bring your baby home from the hospital? I remember with my first after the slowest ever car journey worrying about every slight bump and turn, walking in and looking around our small flat for the responsible adult in the room, only to realise it was ME. Forever. That felt scary and overwhelming! Many new mums, especially first time round, find this overwhelming sense of responsibility intense which is completely normal. A little one depending on us, for everything!

So here are some ideas to help make your home into a relaxing environment as you transition into your new role. If you can, think about your ‘Postnatal Nest’ in pregnancy - it may well be the same things which you use in labour to create a calm birth environment…⠀

  • SOUND - Create a calming and uplifting playlist for the early days (or use your labour playlist). Line up some great podcasts to listen to when feeding and out and about. p.s. No need to tiptoe around, babies will feel very comforted by noise, especially white noise like the hoover!⠀

  • SIGHT - Line up some funny box sets, candles and a basket of books/magazine to have next to you when feeding. Have a Marie Kondo style declutter in pregnancy so the space feels welcoming and relaxing. Keep it dark at night (and bright in the day) to help your baby differentiate between day and night. ⠀

  • TASTE - Line up a weekly food shop with some easy to eat food e.g. pittas, dips, cold meats etc and ask every visitor to bring a homemade dish. Not forgetting some amazing snacks, including midnights snacks to look forward to. Have a large water bottle handy too before settling down with your baby. And what about a glass of your favourite tipple to celebrate your super-hero efforts of growing and birthing an entire human?

  • TOUCH - What makes you feel comforted and snuggly? A soft dressing gown, fluffy slippers, comfy loose clothing, a warm blanket? Have the remote nearby before settling in for an epic feeding/snuggling session. ⠀

  • SMELL - A diffuser with calming essential oils such as frankincense or lavender, or your favourite scented candle. ⠀⠀

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