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Positive Birth Story: First time mum, breech baby who turned at the last minute!

This is the beautiful birth story of baby Harry as told by his mummy who did the Positive Birthing & Parenting hypnobirthing group course. An elective C-section had been booked as he was breech, but baby Harry had different ideas....

We found out fairly early in pregnancy that our baby was in the transverse position and that that could mean he would end up in the breech position, and a final scan at 35+5 confirmed this to be true. We decided than an ECV wasn’t right for us and so were booked in for for an elective c-section on the 8th November and with our Hypnobirthing tools, we started planning how to make that the best experience for us...

On Sunday morning my waters broke, we headed to the hospital at 5:30am expecting to have our C-section that morning, however, one final scan showed he had miraculously (and very surprisingly!) flipped and was now head down and labour was progressing well. So we got to move to the low risk birthing suites, I spent time in water and we had the most wonderful midwife led experience. Thankfully labour was quite quick - he arrived by lunchtime - but in the words of one of the midwife’s “you breathed that baby out”. Labour made me felt like a complete superwoman. I managed to stay calm, empowered and breathing (and squeezing the life out of my husband’s hands) got me through every contraction. It really was just the most incredible experience.

I ended up in theatre with a few tears from labour but that really was the cherry on top of the already wonderful experience. Our midwives waited for me to get all the skin to skin I wanted first and for Harry's cord to stop pulsating. Then the team in surgery were absolutely wonderful - I was surrounded by caring, friendly, positive people with my midwife (who came with me so I had a familiar face) and ODP holding my hand and advocating for me the whole time (no gory details wanted!), music playing, conversations flowing between everyone there and a movie music quiz thrown in for good measure. All while my husband got to have an hour of magical skin to skin contact with our son while I was in there. It was all perfect.

My whole birth experience was just a wonderful whirlwind and one I felt powerful, calm, cared for and fully in control and I can’t tell you how central Hypnobirthing was to that. Thank you so much x

I have been lucky enough to help many women and their birth partners prepare for a positive birth experience including this wonderful couple who attended my Group Hypnobirthing Course in Winchester. Join the next free hypnobirthing taster session to find out more!

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