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Hello and WELCOME to the beautiful chaos that is motherhood! Thinking you could do with a bit of a manual to navigate this big transition? Want to reconnect with yourself and deal with tough days with more ease and resilience? Want to meet other mums on the same postnatal rollercoaster? You are in the right place and you are VERY welcome! Our Navigating Motherhood Postnatal Courses for new mums (whether for the 1st or 4th time) will help you boost your confidence, feel more in control and create balance for a more enjoyable and less overwhelming motherhood journey.  

Postnatal Courses

This course has been incredible, it has given me the opportunity to meet other new mums and listen to their journeys in motherhood as well as share my own. It has made me feel less alone in the world of parenting and reassured me that all the different emotions that come with being a new parent are totally normal, as well as providing me with advice and tips on managing the different emotions.


4 week course (4 x 2 hours) | £99


Group Postnatal Course for mums and babies from birth.


Your guide for navigating 

motherhood with confidence, calm and balance, even admid the beautiful chaos. Ditch the guilt, Reconnect with yourself, Learn tools to manage the overwhelm and embrace your new normal for a more enjoyable motherhood experience. 

For all mums whether for the 1st or 5th time. Find out more.

In person in Winchester

Group sessions 

Private Postnatal session

90 minutes | £75 


A completely personalised session from the comfort of your own home - Check-in on your postpartum experience, embrace your new normal and navigate the postnatal emotional rollercoaster with more ease. Includes simple techniques for getting through the tougher days and easy ways to look after yourself to make your transition into motherhood as natural and enjoyable as possible! Find out more.

In person or online over Zoom

Private session


Did you have a difficult birth, fertility journey or any other perinatal experience? Have a look at our 3 Step Rewind sessions to help you process your experience and reduce uncomfortable feelings. 

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