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Private Postnatal sessions

For new mums in the 4th trimester and beyond 


90 minutes | £75

What is covered?

  • A personalised postnatal session completely tailored to your needs, from the comfort of your own home or mine

  • Check-in on your postpartum experience and discover your new normal with more joy and less overwhelm. Choose from a range of topics including:

    • Looking after yourself and finding balance. Easy ways to feel like you again and refill your cup so you have more energy and resilience to care for your baby. 

    • Emotional wellbeing. Normalising the common feelings that come up and simple techniques for dealing with more intense emotions like overwhelm and anxiety.

    • Reconnecting with your body. A focus on physical healing and wellbeing, and learning to appreciate your postpartum body. 

    • Relationships and Intimacy. Tips for staying connected and restoring intimacy with your partner in the postpartum period. Addressing any relationship issue you may be facing - with your partner, other children, friends or family. 

    • Your feeding journey and maximising rest. Simple approaches for a bonding feeding experience and for surviving the middle of the night feeds. How to get as much rest as possible and actually rest when the baby sleeps.

    • Any other topic which would support you postnatally! 

  • Practical tips and simple techniques for getting through those tougher days and finding more enjoyment in the beautiful chaos of the postpartum period

  • Your very own personalised Postnatal Wellbeing Plan sent to you afterwards

  • Newborns are of course VIP guests, whatever mood they are in!


Book a call to have a chat and ask all your questions (with no obligation to sign up afterwards!) 

Val was so warm and reassuring, and gave me a huge amount of confidence. She has a natural, open and non-judgemental approach and gave me the space to speak openly.

'It was so great to have the time and space to discuss everything and have a think about a plan for optimising my postnatal enjoyment, health and wellbeing. Taking that time to myself was amazing and gave me the space to think about what I wanted to prioritise and how I might be able to do that.'

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