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           Free Hypnobirthing Taster Sessions


Want to have a positive birth experience but not sure where to start? Feeling a bit / very scared of birth and wondering if there is a way to feel relaxed and even excited?  Wondering what on earth Hypnobirthing is or how it will help you to feel calm and in control in labour? 


In this 1 hour Hypnobirthing taster, you'll be introduced to some key knowledge and practical information from the Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Course. I'll also share a great hypnobirthing tool for labour and birth, along with some practical tips. 


Perfect for women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, although you are welcome to join at any stage.  Birth partners are welcome and encouraged, though if you are coming on your own, that's great too!

"Thank you so much for last night’s taster session - it was so informative and helpful and you were great"

"Thank you very much for the brilliant taster session last night, I learned a lot" Birth partner 

"Thanks so much, I really enjoyed it. I'm a bit gutted I only came across you so late in my pregnancy!"

Next Online Taster Sessions: 
13 August or 3 September 2024

What does the Hypnobirthing Taster session include?  

  • What happens to the body during labour – what can help, what gets in the way and how Hypnobirthing can help

  • A great Hypnobirthing technique to use in labour 

  • The effect of the mind on the body in labour

  • What Hypnobirthing is and what it is NOT (hint it does not involve any pendulums!)

  • The VERY important role of the birth partner during pregnancy, labour and birth 

  • Why knowing your options can make all the difference

  • An overview of the four sessions making up the full course

  • Practical tips and antenatal information 

  • A free pregnancy relaxation MP3 to use after the session

  • And of course plenty of time for questions!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Limited spaces available. You will be sent the details on how to join the session once you have registered your place

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