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Group Confidence & Calm

Confidence & Calm

for new mums and babies (birth to pre-crawling)


4 week block (4 x 90 minutes) | £60 

Contact me for next block starting date

Bella Crafts, Kings Walk, SO23 8AF, Winchester (Town Centre)

Motherhood is a beautiful chaos of highs, lows and big changes. But it comes with no navigation manual whatsoever! So if you are experiencing some or all of the following, you are far from the only one: 

- Wanting to look after yourself but not knowing how to in between the round the clock demands of a newborn baby

- Feeling like you have lost your identity or confidence 

- Overwhelming moments and hard days

- Missing your 'old-self' and the freedoms of pre-baby life 

- Feeling guilty for not enjoying it as much as you'd like, or thought you would

- Feeling resentful towards your partner and on totally different pages/like ships in the night 

- Thinking everyone else is doing better than you at motherhood (*please believe me when I say they are not!) 

- Feeling lonely without a support network or family and friends nearby

Confidence & Calm for New Mums is a positive and welcoming space to share the ups and downs of new motherhood with other mums on the same postnatal rollercoaster, and help each other along the way. Gently guided conversations providing a safe space to explore topics like self-care, physical recovery, or whatever you most need on the day. No topic is off-limit. The sessions include restorative relaxations to recharge, easy tools to boost confidence and navigate more difficult moments, and simple ways to fill up your cup, so that you can fully enjoy those first weeks and months with your baby.

Val's postnatal course was friendly, inviting, and intimate. We had time and space to discuss anything related to postnatal wellbeing, including self care, and mental and physical wellbeing. It was nice to meet others, to discuss the ups and downs of being a new parent and to learn new tools to help thrive in parenthood.

What is included in the 4-week Group Course?​

  • 4 sessions with a small group of new mums (max. 10)

  • Each session focuses on a different postnatal topic and includes time for reflection and sharing, a restorative relaxation/meditation, and wellbeing tools for a positive postnatal period [e.g.breathing/grounding techniques, mindfulness tools, and relaxation exercises.]

  • Restorative relaxations to reset and bring balance

  • Techniques to feel more confident and in control in new motherhood

  • Easy tools to navigate negative emotions and calm the overwhelm on those hard days

  • Approaches for maximising rest & feeling refreshed even in the midst of extreme sleep deprivation 

  • Tailored individual support from me over the phone and email throughout the 4-week block (and well beyond!)

  • The sessions are flexible to fit in with what you most need as an individual and as a group

  • As many HOT cuppas as you like, made for you, and delicious treats 

  • Little gifts from me to you  


What is covered in the 4-week Group Course?

A typical 4-week block looks like this- though each course is completely tailored to what would best support you as an individual and as a group:

Week 1: Hellos and birth stories. Honest conversations around your birth and your motherhood  so far to help you process and validate your experience and feelings. Relaxation. 


Week 2: Self care and finding balance. Exploring ways to feel like yourself again and to look after yourself without feeling guilty. Remembering who YOU are and what you enjoy. Understanding the importance of refilling your cup so you have more energy and resilience to care for your tiny human. Relaxation. 


Week 3. Emotional recovery and wellbeing. How do you really feel? Understanding the normal range of emotions that we may feel postnatally. Creating tools for navigating tougher days and more intense feelings like overwhelm and anxiety. Mindful practice for overwhelm. 


Week 4: Physical wellbeing. A focus on positive physical recovery after birth. Conversations around postnatal body image and learning to appreciate your amazing postpartum body. Self-compassion meditation.

Start your week with 90 minutes for yourself to connect, recharge and feel more like you as you transition into your motherhood journey.

Why this matters to me, a lot. 

First time around I didn't look after myself, at all. I went into complete survival mode. I found new motherhood so hard, I worried a lot about everything. I loved my new baby girl hard but I also missed my pre-baby life. I felt guilty about doing anything for myself, so I didn't. I lost myself a bit, but I'm so glad I found her again. Finding reassurance and support in other mums experiencing the same highs and lows helped A LOT. I learned the hard way that by looking after myself, I had more emotional resilience and physical strength to look after my tiny one. 2nd and 3rd time around, I didn't wing the 4th trimester as I had done previously and made rest, emotional wellbeing and self-care priorities, because I wanted to enjoy my babies much more, and worry a lot less. Motherhood comes with its fair share of challenges amongst the joy, but my is it easier when you have people to support you through it, and some tools to navigate those harder days!​

'It was so great to have the time and space to discuss everything and have a think about a plan for optimising my postnatal enjoyment, health and wellbeing. Taking that time to myself was amazing and gave me the space to think about what I wanted to prioritise and how I might be able to do that.'

FAQ's and What If's? 

What if my baby screams the place down (/has a poo explosion/needs feeding/other?)

I'm a mum of 3 little ones (+ my middle one had reflux) so no amount of crying/wriggling/fussing phases me! That's what babies do, and it'll be someone else's next week. This is a safe environment for you to breast feed, bottle feed, change nappies (and whatever else you need to do to make yourself comfortable) and for your babies to express themselves. And I'm always delighted to hold your baby for you -only if you are happy to of course! You are ALWAYS welcome, as you are, however you and your baby are feeling that day!

Is it just for 1st time mums?

It's for all mums whether for the 1st or 5th time! Mums loving motherhood. Mums having good and bad days. Mums struggling with it. Mums like me and you.​​​​​​​​

Do I need to bring a specific 'issue' to the group/ Is it therapy?

This is not a therapy session! Come as you are with whatever is going on with you that day! 

Is this a bit 'Woo'?

I'm all for that but No. I promise there won't be any naked dancing with sage sticks being waved about!

There is nothing remotely weird about this. It's just mums who enjoy each others' companies coming together as a group, sharing the highs and lows of motherhood, figuring out how you want your motherhood to be and feeling looked after and more like yourself along the way. 

What about confidentiality?

This is a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can be honest and yourself. Everything is shared in confidence. We respect each other's choices and opinions, and support each other. 

What if I don't want to share?

Absolutely fine, you don't have to! You and your baby are so welcome either way. You can listen, and relax and join in as much or as little as you like.

Please book a free call if you have any questions.

I'm very happy to talk anything through with you!

About me and why you are in good hands! 

  • I trained in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and I'm also an accredited 3 Step Rewind practitioner (gentle technique to help process a difficult birth or perinatal experience)

  • I'm a mum of 3 small ones. I completely get it. I’ve experienced overwhelm, anxiety, not feeling myself and the range of intense emotions that come up postnatally!

  • I'm a Mental Health First Aider 

  • I've been facilitating group conversations around birth and the postnatal period for years: the difficult ones, the ‘embarrassing’ ones, the funny ones. I’m ALL in for all of the above! 

  • I'm really passionate about this: facilitating a supportive space where mums can share experiences (the highs, lows and everything in between), recharge, and feel more like themselves along the way. 

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