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Post 36 weeks Course

3.5 hours |  £139


The ‘OMG have I left it too late?’ Course. It is never too late to learn the Hypnobirthing techniques! This condensed course is for first-time mums or couples in the last weeks of pregnancy. It will equip you with the tools for a calm and positive birth experience. Held at my home in Winchester or over Zoom. 


What is included? 

  • Initial phone consultation 

  • 3.5-hour private course focusing on the hypnobirthing techniques, and 3 topics of your choice (to be decided at the initial phone consultation). 

  • Ongoing support via email and phone right up to the birth of your baby.

  • The bestselling The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves

  • Hypnobirthing MP3 pack (2 Relaxation scripts and Statements for a positive birth)

  • A folder of course handouts 


What is covered? 


  • Physiology of Birth and Hormones 

  • Hypnobirthing techniques:

  • Breathing techniques: Up Breathing and Down Breathing

  • Visualisations

  • Relaxation Script

  • Short relaxations for labour


And 3 topics from the following list:

  • Fear Release relaxation  

  • Place of birth 

  • Due dates

  • Navigating the maternity system and Informed Decision-making

  • Birth Partner’s role 

  • Stages of Labour (1st/2nd/3rd) and staying relaxed  

  • Birth Preferences and the Golden Hour  

  • Breech/Back to Back/Optimal Positioning of Baby and Positions of mum for Birth

  • Preventing Tearing, Perineal Massage and Pelvic Floor Exercises 

  • Gentle Caesarean Birth 

  • Induction (includes ‘Natural’ Induction)

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or over the phone. I’m always very happy to have a chat (with absolutely no obligation to sign up afterwards)! 

Post 36 weeks Course
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